Wide gallon 10.5cm (EMMA 250)

Wide gallon 10.5cm (EMMA 250)

VAT included.

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Semi-metallic gallon.

Width: 10.5 cm

Production Time: 4-7 working days

It can be used in all kinds of clerical vestments and covers of the Holy Table.

Weight: N/A
Colours: No.1 White base with white design, No.2 Gold base with gold design, No.3 Gold base with red design, No.4 Silver base with light gold design, No.5 Silver base with silver design, No.6 Silver base with light blue design, No.7 Silver base with blue design, No.8 Gold base with burgundy design, No.9 Gold base with light blue design, No.10 Gold base with blue design, No.11 = Gold base with green design

* Dry cleaning or washing up to 40 * C

* Washing, wringing and use of bleaches is not indicated