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Payment Methods

By cash upon delivery through courier companies
You can pay in cash for the items you have chosen, to the contracted courier company that will deliver your order. The service is valid exclusively for shipments in Greece. For shipments abroad unfortunately this service is not available.

By credit card

Our company cooperates with Piraeus Bank, which undertakes the payment settlement process, ensuring the security of your transactions. The amount is initially pledged and then deducted from your card when the invoicing of your order is completed.

By PayPal

PayPal is a reliable online money transfer service. It is used worldwide for secure online transactions. PayPal users have the ability to send money to another account as it works exactly like a simple bank account. The existence of special encrypted pages helps to make 100% secure transactions. This is due to the fact that only PayPal knows the details of the card, while the recipient receives only money and does not have visibility on other transaction details.

By deposit to a bank account

In this case, you have the opportunity to deposit the amount of your order directly to the bank. A necessary condition for the completion of the transaction is the declaration of your name, order number, as well as our immediate information via e-mail.

Bank account details:

IBAN: GR 3001 7221 8000 5218 0732 94 693