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Semi-metallic gallon (EMMA 234)

Semi-metallic gallon (EMMA 234)

The listed price is per meter

VAT included.


1,20 2,40 

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Frenchman EMMA 234


Width: 2,5 cm and 4 cm

Production Time:
4-7 business days

This Gallon can be used for all kinds of clerical vestments and covers of the Holy Table.


Weight: N/A
Colors: No.1=Gold base with White design, No.2=Gold base with Gold design, No.3=Gold base with Green design, No.4=Gold base with Bordeaux design, No.5=Gold base with Purple design
Size: 2,5cm, 4cm, 6cm

* Dry cleaning or washing up to 40 * C

* Washing, wringing and use of bleaches is not indicated