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Clerical metallic brocade jacquard fabric (IERO 64)

Clerical metallic brocade jacquard fabric (IERO 64)

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Composition: 50% Polyester – 25% Metallic Thread – 25% Spandex Polyester

Fabric width: 1.60m

Weight / meter of fabric: 560gr

Fabric Repeat: 17,5cm

Pattern Size: Cross 14cm

Production Time: 4-7 working days

The raw materials we use for the production of all jacquard fabrics are imported from Europe and Japan by 80%, and the rest from the Greek market, of excellent quality, and meet all standards.

• They are anti-allergic

• The metal threads we use are coated with pure silver and gold so that they are durable over time in terms of their vitality and shine.

• Indelible paints

• ETAKEI, CLOTEFI Certification, Product Identity

Custom orders: contact us for custom colors or specifications

Weight: N/A
Color: 101= White base with Gold pattern, 102= White base with Silver and White design, 103= White base with Gold and White design, 104= Blue base with Silver and White design, 105= Gold base with Gold of the lyre and light Gold design, 106= Red base with Gold and Red design, 107= Burgundy base with Gold and Burgundy design, 108= Green base with Gold and Green design, 109= Blue base with Gold and Blue design, 110= Purple base with Gold and Black design, 111= Black base with Silver and Black design

* Dry cleaning or washing up to 40 * C

* Washing, wringing and use of bleaches is not indicated