Artist Shop Emmanouil has been operating in the textile industry for over 150 years, starting from Bursa, Asia Minor. Maintaining a long-standing family tradition in the field of hieratic fabric production, it constantly enriches its collection with new designs, ensuring the excellent quality of its products at competitive prices.

It has a large variety of liturgical fabrics, vestments and uniforms, gallons, and other accompanying accessories, such as crosses, fringes, tassels, buttons, and laces.

Our products are sold retail and wholesale both in Greece and abroad.


Our fabrics quality is ensured by modern, high productivity weaving machines like SULZER, PICANOL, PIGNONE FAST, with electronic jacquard head STAUBLI – but also by finishing machines that allow special fabric treatments application, e.g. ironing, waterproofing, strain-free.


Due to the professionalism with which our company handles every single order, our commitment to the execution deadlines, our close cooperation with each customer, and the use of the best quality materials, our company has won a high reputation both in the domestic market and abroad.

All the above factors have led our company to become a respected and recognised brand in the textile industry.
All products are delivered to Greece, Cyprus and abroad.
For orders that exceed 300 euro there is a 10% discount